Looks great on Mom while soothing baby's gums!

Sili Pearls Chewable Jewelry are the best tool to have for your teething baby. They are both fashionable and functional; with many styles available to compliment any outfit. 100% Food Grade silicone is safe for baby to chew and effectively massages irritated gums to soothe teething pain. Sili Pearl Necklaces also doubles as a tool to focus distracted babies while they are nursing. They wipe clean easily on the go with a baby wipe or at home with mild soap and water. Check out all our beautiful styles below.

Classic   MSRP $26.95

The Classic style necklace has graduated beads all around and is about 33cm long.

Mother of Pearl   MSRP $26.95

The Mother of Pearl Necklace features graduated beads with pearlized colours and is approximately 77cm long

Glamour   MSRP $19.95

The Glamour Necklace features 8 beads and a large pendant, the cord is approximately 63cm and the pendant hangs 7cm lower

Regal   MSRP $26.95

The Regal Necklace features 5 flat beads with smaller beads all the way up, it is approximately 79cm long

Mystic   MSRP $23.95

The elegant Mystic Necklace is on a colour coordinated ribbon and has 8 flat beads with smaller beads in between, it is approximately 70cm long.